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Netherlands building a dedicated eSports stadium in Amesterdam

A new initiative launched by the Dutch state in line with the adoption of neighboring European countries to the field of eSports; the construction of a dedicated stadium for video games in Amsterdam was revealed and it is to open its doors sometime next year




According to reports, the new stadium will be called “Rabo Esports Stadium” and will take the site of former sports and school buildings to form an integrated complex for esports activities, video games and technology. The stadium covers an area of ​​10,000 square meters and is currently being built with sponsorship from Rabobank Bank and H20 Esports.

Although the stadium won’t be available to the public until the end of 2020, it was revealed that 75-day bookings were already made for various competitive events next year.

The increased construction of stadiums to host competitive gaming isn’t surprising these days, as more countries recognize video game professionals as cyber athletes representing their countries in international tournaments and soon in major sporting events such as the Olympics in the near future.

It’s worth mentioning that Dubai is currently preparing to launch a number of esports facilities, the first of its kind in the Middle East, with the aim of becoming the “capital of esports” in the future and to represent a destination for video games competitions in the Middle East.

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