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New Apex Legends character, new FIFA 20 mode and more at E3 EA Play 2019

The world’s biggest video games conference is back with its 2019 edition bringing us everything new in the world of electronic entertainment. As usual for the past few years, EA has been the first to launch this event with its EA Play show, were we had new details on Apex Legends, FIFA 20, Star Wars Jedi: Fallen Order and more


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Star Wars Jedi: Fallen Order

The conference opened with a lengthy showing of Star Wars coming from Respawn Entertainment Studio, which will follow the story of an emerging Jedi in this sci-fi universe and will be the return of EA producing storytelling games that seem to be here to stay. You can watch the full 15-minute presentation above.

Apex Legends

What many came for that night was the promised information about what is coming to Apex Legends in its second season, which now has a release date of July 2nd. The second season will carry a new weapon called L-Star, the upcoming Wattson legend, and a highly-anticipated Ranked mode after a long wait.

The new heroine, which will join the list of characters of the game characterized by her defensive electrical capabilities, can create barriers that can paralyze the enemy movement and protect friends and form some strategic defenses that are difficult to penetrate. Wattson can set up up to 12 power poles, creating six pieces of barrier that can be set freely, while her Passive gives her the ability to fully recharge her Ultimate when using the Ultimate Accelerant. Speaking of Ultimates, her ultimate ability deploys a defensive iron dome that can not be penetrated by any type of bombs and missiles. It also recharges shields of characters within range, but it doesn’t protected from enemy bullets.

The new L-Star weapon has been revealed to be exclusively drop-gun because it is “so OP”, using a special type of laser shots and can be switched between Auto and Single mode when shooting, and can crack doors open when shot.

The anticipated Ranked mode will also be present during the second season, and will offer several levels ranging from Bronze to Apex Predator to classify the players according to them and put them with others of the same level. All players at the end of the season will receive special prizes at the highest level they have reached.

A number of exciting new skins for R301 and Spitfire weapons have been unveiled as well as Caustic and Octane and will be available in the Battle Pass of the second season, which will offer many exciting challenges to level up and keep players coming back for more.

The Apex section ended with an interesting short presentation that showed us what appeared to be a giant dragon that would come to the world of the game, which we expected to happen to some extent in the past. According to developers, there will be a special event that will change the map of the game, so we’ll be on hold.

Battlefield 5

The conference continued with its announcements and Battlefield V was next, as several new maps were revealed including Al Sondan and Marita as part of Chapter 4: Defying the Odds for the game, as well as the upcoming Iwo Jima map of the upcoming Chapter V update.


A new year and a new version of FIFA’s most famous football game, this time with a whole new mode that will breath a little fresh air in the game. The focus was on the new mode called Volta, a brand new version of FIFA Street. You will not only be able to perform the acrobatic movements and play within the rules of the street, but you will also be able to customize your players in the way you like with a variety of fashion options and the like.

If all this does not really matter to you and you’re just here to know the changes to the basic game, it looks like we’ll get modifications to the artificial intelligence of the defenders in addition to dribbling. There are also two new penalty and free kick systems, which means it’s time to throw all you’ve learned about how to shoot them.

Madden NFL 2020 & The Sims 4

We have received a new announcement for Madden 20, which will feature direct updates from real-time teams to include new tactics and strategies in the game, and a new Superstar Journey similar to that of previous FIFA releases.

As for The Sims 4, a new DLC version, Island Living, well be released on July 16 and will allow you to take your characters to a tropical island and do all you expect during a summer holiday on the beach.

These were the highlights of EA Play this year, but the journey has just begun. Microsoft will be going live with its show tonight and we are expecting to see many next-generation games, so stay tuned to watch the latest trailers and news.

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