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New Blizzard job listing might hint at a PUBG-like project

Despite not being the first report on the unannounced Blizzard project, this job listing has revealed new info on the matter.

The company has been hiring as early as last summer for an unannounced first-person shooter project, as several job listings popped up back in June for the new project which is in development at Blizzard’s HQ in Irvine. Blizzard has obviously not talked publicly about this project, but a new job ad was recently spotted by ResetEra and revealed some interesting details. The ad is for a software engineer with expertise in vehicle gameplay.

The engineer would help create vehicles, set handling systems and so on, and the requirements are someone with experience in the field. The job ad mentions the unannounced first-person project several times, but that’s kind of about it. With PUBG proving to be overwhelmingly successful, it quickly springs to mind as one of the examples where there’s shooting and vehicles. So maybe Blizzard is adding its own twist to the survival genre like it did to hero shooters with Overwatch?

Still, it’s very exciting news for Blizzard fans as the project seems big. A first-person shooter with vehicles made by Blizzard could shake up the sub-genre dominated by Battlefield and Halo for years. That said, it sounds like it’s a ways out, and given how Blizzard typically takes its time working on games, it may be a while yet before we find out what it is.


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