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Everything you need to know about the new champion Aphelios in League of Legends

Riot’s revealed the newest upcoming champion Aphelios with pre-season update few days ago, but today we know everything about this champion.



Aphelios is the newest addition to League’s ADCs. He’ll use five different weapons made from lunar magic, bringing a unique style to the non-traditional marksman. Too many people, Aphelios’ kit will look complex—and it really is. He’ll have one of the highest skill ceilings in the game, according to Riot. This is attributed to the five cycling weapons that he’ll be able to use throughout the game.

At his core, Aphelios has five weapons, each with its own basic attack and effect. He only uses the Q, W, and R keys and holds two different weapons at all times. He attacks enemies with his main-hand weapon, but he can also switch to his off-hand weapon by pressing W.

He can’t choose which weapons he equips, either. His weapons all have 50 ammo and Aphelios will automatically move to the next weapon in the cycle while the empty gun goes to the end of the line to recharge. Weapon order will change based on which weapon is used first.

As for abilities, he technically only has two—his Q and his ultimate. Each of the five weapons, however, has a different Q ability effect when used as a main-hand weapon. Depending on the gun, Aphelios can sustain, slow, poke, wave clear, or deploy a turret that shoots an enemy with your off-hand weapon.

All of the weapons have their own individual cooldown, which means you can use Q on one weapon, switch guns, and use Q again. He also has his own custom HUD to help you track all the cooldowns and weapons he has.

Aphelios’ ultimate, Moonlight Vigil, will launch a moon bomb that will explode when it hits an enemy champion and also damages other nearby enemy champions. Afterward, Aphelios can shoot enemies caught in the blast with enhanced auto attacks from his main-hand weapon.

And here’s all Aphelios weapons and what each weapon does

The first weapon Calibrum, the Rifle

  • Auto attack: Extra range, marks enemies hit. Right-click on marked enemies triggers an attack from the non-Calibrum weapon and detonates other nearby marks.
  • Q (Moonshot): A skillshot damaging and marking the first enemy hit.
  • R effect: Marks deal higher damage.

The second weapon Severum, the Scythe Pistol

  • Auto attack: Heals based on the damage dealt. Overhealing converts to a shield.
  • Q (Onslaught): Movement speed boost. Rapidly fires both weapons towards the nearest enemy.
  • R effect: Flat heal.

The third weapon Gravitum, the Cannon

  • Auto attack: Applies decaying slow.
  • Q (Eclipse): All enemies on the map affected by the slow get rooted and damaged.
  • R effect: Increased slowly.

The fourth weapon Infernum, the Flamethrower

  • Auto attack: Increased damage, creates damage cone behind hit enemies.
  • Q (Duskwave): Damages enemies like a flamethrower, off-hand weapon follows up.
  • R effect: Attacks create circles instead of cones around the enemies hit.

The fifth weapon Crescendum, the Chakram

  • Auto attack: A boomerang that creates copies of itself for each enemy hit, strengthening the attack. Attack speed decreases the time it takes to return.
  • Q (Sentry): Off-hand weapon deploys a turret shooting at the nearest target.
  • R effect: Basic attack damage increase.

Finding the right moment with Aphelios in game

Giving players five different weapons with multiple combinations with their main-hand and off-hand will allow people to pull off crazy plays based on what weapons Aphelios has in certain moments. Players will need to prepare for certain moments by recognizing and preparing for particular weapons to be available, whether they’re going head-to-head against a duelist with Crescendum and Severum or helping their team siege a tower with Infernum and Calibrum. And remember Aphelios will be one of the most complex champion in this game.

The new champion Aphelios should arrive to the game on Dec. 11, and he’ll be the fifth and last champion of 2019.

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