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New CSGO operation released with a ton of content after 3 years of wait

The wait is over: a new operation for fans of the competitive shooter Counter-Stike: Global Offensive (or CSGO for short) is here, with a number of new surprises and rewards that fans will be happy to see.


The new expansion, called Shattered Web, comes almost three years after Operation Hydra and nearly a year after the latest major additions to the game in Danger Zone update. Despite the sudden release of the new expansion, it offers a large number of new content, with new Skins that you can own by completing weekly tasks.

The tasks range from performing certain actions such as searching for samples in Danger Zone’s lap to eliminating enemies in matchmaking with a certain weapon. Although the Operation Shattered Web pass is not free, you can do missions and collect points at any time and then earn the rewards if you buy for the pass later.

Five maps have been added to Shattered Web content: Norse, St. Marc and Canals each have new Skins for the new event, while the all-new Jungle map comes to the Danger Zone mode to add more fun as well as Lunacy as a new zero-gravity map in the game.

For the first time in its history, CSGO will also get new Skins style for characters, where you can choose the look of your player from the T and CT teams through the Shattered Web rewards similar to other games like Rainbow Six Siege, which adds more uniqueness to your character on the battlefield.

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In addition to the prizes you will get from the Shattered Web missions, a new case has also been launched with the same name, offering a number of weapons skins with the opportunity to get five new knives which are Paracord Knife, Survival Knife, Nomad Knife and Skeleton Knife.

As for the in-game changes in the new 1.5 GB update, we are pleased to inform you that you will not suffer from the SG 553 (Krieg) weapon anymore, with the price increase to $ 3000 to become one of the most expensive rifles in the game, making it an expensive investment for any T team Using itto limit its dominance in the game after many players, including Astralis professionals demanded to put an end to this powerful high-precision weapon, which almost replaced the AWP in the competitive arena for being cheap and powerful.

The FAMAS and Galil AR rifles, on the other hand, will play a bigger role than they were by lowering their price to only $2050 and $1800 respectively.

You can download the new CSGO update from now and test the changes yourself. Shattered Web content will last for 16 weeks and its pass will cost you $15 when purchased from Steam.


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