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New details on Nintendo NX leaked and Zelda U is a launch title

Looks like Nintendo might do it once more with fans of The Legend of Zelda games, after previously releasing Twilight Princess on two devices at the same time as a Wii launch title.

The new The Legend of Zelda title which has been in production for a long time might not release solely on Wii U after all. According to a trusted source which leaked Pokemon Sun and Moon, looks like Zelda U is coming later this year on the NX.

As for the console itself, leaks spoke about a device with haptic feedback gamepad, which responds to various situations like a player hitting the wall and presenting them as actual resistance by the thumbstick. The device has the same amount of power as an Xbox One and is said to be easy to develop on.

Other features were a Bluetooth sync ability with other devices, HDMI dongle and a design that looks like “Something Samsung would do”, hinting at the console being almost handheld at the same time. Anyway, we’ll have to wait for E3 this year to get our first look on what Nintendo’s cooking.

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