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New Fortnite 8.50 update to fix major problems and more

Since the beginning of the Fortnite World Cup things have been crazy in the game, with many bugs that hampered the enjoyment of many Fortnite players around the world. Although today’s update may not fix any of them, Epic promises that a big update will come soon to do so


The new update rolled out today for the PlayStation 4 and the Xbox One does not have any changes to the famous Battle Royale mode. Instead, console players downloaded a small fix to the Save the World mode only, as the game’s Twitter account revealed that this small update was only issued to solve the problem of randomly disconnecting players from Save the World matchmaking.

What everyone should look forward to on all platforms is v8.50, which Epic Games has confirmed yesterday that it will carry important fixes to the game in its Battle Royale mode, such as the “Ghost Audio” problem in sound, which many suffered from, hearing sounds of players who do not exist near them.

Another big problem that will be fixed is the faulty traps that the players have recently faced with the location of the actual traps they have placed inside their builds changing at random, only for enemies to pass safely over the alleged trap without harm.

A new change will come via v8.50 is regarding the Looting system, where the “Hold to Swap” feature will be reworked, as it was causing many players to lay down their weapons instead of replacing them without properly functioning.

Although the next update looks promising, there is no indication so far of Epic’s changing any of their controversial decisions over the past few weeks, such as the ban on Stretched Resolution users and the removal of the popular Siphon mechanic in the game, but we will be waiting for v8.50 in the next few days anyway.

In related news, Epic Games unveiled the Fortnite X Avengers event this morning, which will be back in preparation for the upcoming Avengers: End Game on Thursday. The new collaboration between Marvel and Epic will bring several film-inspired surprises with Epic’s Fortnite, as a teaser saw Captain America’s shield worn by game’s character, indicating that we will not only have a playable Thanos only like with Infinity War, despite rumors of him coming back anyway.

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