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New information on Resident Evil: Umbrella Corps

Capcom has revealed some more information on the upcoming competitive Resident Evil shooter “Umbrella Corps”, after revealing it last TGS. Even though it’s not much but it’s still worth checking.

Game events takes place after Resident Evil 6. The name “Umbrella” in the title is ironic because the fans of the game already know that the company is destroyed. However, it’s here in reference to the game’s theme where many mercenary groups are trying to become the next Umbrella. There won’t be a Single-Player story mode or anything because the game is Multi-Player only, where players are dispatched into places with biological terror events in order to extract something of value.

Resident Evil: Umbrella Corps is coming to PC and PS4 in an undefined date that only reads “Early 2016”. You can watch an early gameplay footage taken by Gamespot at TGS below:

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