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New PUBG 4.3 update finally adds a new Drop weapon to the PC game

Tired of seeing the same limited list of drop weapons introduced ever since PlayerUnknown’s Battlegrounds exited Early Access two years ago on Steam? Having an MK14 for the 1,000th time in PUBG might still disappointing, but you will now have a new option soon with the next 4.3 update



The new 4.3 update, which follows the new naming scheme announced by developers since the fourth season of the PC version, will carry a number of interesting changes, most notably the new “Survival Mastery” system, a system that rewards players for their survival activities in the game with XP points and leveling rewards.

تحديث ببجي 4.3 الجديد ستيم رياضات الكترونية pubg update 43 survival mastery

The new “Mastery” tab in the main menu carries all the information the player needs, including the most important numbers for his previous match, the percentage of his use of different weapons, and some overall numbers that contribute to the determination of their Survival level, which will give the player reawards including logos, different poses, and custom nameplates that will all appear on the new PUBG ID, which will carry the player’s name, level, and all the above aesthetic additions. Both your teammates and your enemies (if they kill you) can see this card in the game.

تحديث ببجي 4.3 الجديد ستيم رياضات الكترونية pubg update 43 survival mastery

As for what the fans have been really waiting for, we have a new airdrop weapon called “DBS Shotgun,” which, as the name hints, is a short-range pump-action Shotgun with high firepower. Unlike similar weapons in the game map, you’ll be able to reload DBS with 14 12-gauge rounds at once, making it a significant force in close combat by firing a lot of bullets in a short period of time.

تحديث ببجي 4.3 الجديد ستيم رياضات الكترونية pubg update 43 survival mastery

You will be able to use a number of binoculars on the new weapon: Holograph, Red Dot, x2 and for some reason we don’t know x6 too, if you like adventure. The new weapon will not be the only addition to Shotguns weapons in the game, as the new update will bring several changes and improvements, most notably the increased hit probability from medium range, and an increase in minimum pellet damage, despite the reduction of total Headshot damage, the update will improve the realism of these weapons to have an effective range of 80 meters with gradual reduce in bullet speed over range.

As usual, the update will be available on Test Servers first before it comes to the full game sometime next week via Steam PC platform.


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