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Next Apex Legend might not be that sick according to Shroud

We still do not know whether we will like the upcoming Apex Legends character or not. How do we do that and we have not seen its good from its evil yet? It’s not the same for famous Twitch streamer Mike “Shroud” Grzesiek, who has already seen the character, saying he’s not their biggest fan


The next character, which is no longer obscure thanks to the players’ efforts to explore all the evidence they can get, will be called Wattson. The capabilities of this new legend will revolve around electrical abilities (as the name indicates), and the unearthed data revealed one name, Tesla Trap, which raised expectations that the new hero would be similar to the Caustic character in playing in terms of traps.

It might be a double-edged sword. On one hand, we’ll have another champion that encourages strategic play, but on the other hand he will not be a popular choice by players who do not really like Caustic. One of those players is “Shroud”, who spoke about it in a live broadcast yesterday.

بطل ابيكس ليجندز القادم واتسون Wattson-Apex-Legends-not sick shroud leak

The Apex Legends player has revealed over the past week that the next hero “will not be that sick” when his viewers asked him  what he thinks about Wattson after his trying the character out, but “Shroud” only spoke with that phrase without confirmation or denial whether Wattson is who will be the upcoming legend. Yesterday, it seems that the former CS: GO employee has disclosed what we really needed to know.

When the question was asked again about the opinion of the famous streamer on the electrician legend, and whether he enjoyed playing with it, the answer came to say “No, I hated it.” Shroud soon realized the consequences of talking negatively about Apex, saying, “I did not really hate him, but I did not like him. That’s it. It’s similar for me to play Caustic, I just do not like it. ”

Shroud continued to say that Wattson would be similar to Caustic’s gameplay, which requires more tactics and waiting rather than quick heroes such as Octane or support champions, who would rather face the opponent directly. These statements confirm that the previous leaks have a bit of realism, especially with “Shroud” testing the new characters and working with Respawn on balancing their abilities.

It is expected that Respawn will launch the new legend in the first season of the game which will continue until the end of this month, but it is possible to postpone the launch until the next season in June, especially as developers are busy to fix a number of important errors such as slow servers and hitboxes, two things will be focused on them in the next update according to the last developers talk two days ago.

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