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Ninja and Tfue warn about the negatives of joining an eSports organization

There is no doubt that many fans of the video game world have begun to dream of entering the bright esports world, how could they not when it’s such a huge new market with profits estimated at more than $1 billion over the next two years. But, as with any other field, things may not be as they appear from outside. Take the words of “Tfue” and “Ninja” for example



If you think that video game professionals get all the prize money they make, think again. A new video on YouTube had compiled a bunch of statements from the most famous players in the world of Fortnite, Turner “Tfue” Tenney and Tyler “Ninja” Blevins, about the subject of professional esports organizations and what risks you should take into account when joining one.

This talk comes in conjunction with the qualifiers of Fortnite World Cup, which offers an unprecedented opportunity to all players around the world to highlight their skills and participate no matter wherever they are to win huge money prizes amounting to millions of dollars. It may look like joining a professional organization might be the right choice, but is it really?

According to “Tfue”, it may not be that simple.

While talking to “Clix”, a Fortnite player who had newly joined Misfits Gaming, “Tfue” asked the new player whether the contract included taking a cut of his World Cup earnings, which the player then confirmed. Tfue’s response came as a surprise to the player, advising him to bring in his lawyer.

The popular FaZe Clan player continued to explain that organizations do not do enough to earn a share of the money the player gets when winning a tournament. “I don’t care, none of these orgs are doing anything worth the cut they’re taking,” he said. “You win a fucking $3 million and they take, let’s say 10%, that’s $100,000 on the million. For what, so you can rep their name in-game?”

“Ninja” statement was not really any different, as he also spoke about the disadvantages of signing up with an organization, but mentioned the pros of being under a professional label in the near term.

“All orgs are different, all orgs take different percentages and different things,” he said. “When you’re smaller, an org is almost 100% of the time beneficial for you. If they’re amazing they’ll give you good exposure, verification on Twitter and make some connections within the scene.”

“Some people get caught with some really terrible contracts where some of their Twitch revenue is taken by the org, their YouTube revenue taken by the org, or half of it, but they’ll offer you a couple thousand dollars a month.”

The most important lesson from the talk of “Ninja” and “Tfue” is the importance of examining the contract before signing and setting the desired goals to find what suits you, the cut from Youtube and Twitch profits may not be important to you and you may prefer a fixed salary, or you’d just like to wear the team shirt through your broadcast to get fame without the extra money. The decision is up to you, make sure you choose what suits you best.

You can watch the whole video below:

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