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Ninja wins first Apex Legends tournament, one point away from second place

Apex Legends had been out for just two weeks and we are now witnessing the end of its first tournament in esports, which has compiled a list of the most prominent names of competitive gaming professionals in a strong challenge on a $200,000 prize pool



The Apex Legends Challenge, which came as part of the Twitch Rivals series, ended yesterday night with Tyler “Ninja” Blevins team winning the first place. The well-known player was able to transfer his expertise in other Battle Royals, mainly Fortnite to this new game, Alongside “KingRichard” and Coby “Dizzy” Meadows the team outperformed other teams .. albeit by just one point.

But wait, what exactly was the tournament system? In fact, the tournament did not have the participants playing in one game, but rather adopted the points system where wins and kills were calculated in a certain period of time, that is, the team that achieved the most wins and the number of Kills had the largest share of points and thus won. Although Ninja and his team scored 420 points, ChocoTaco was very close to winning with VSNZ and Huskerrs averaging 419 points to finish second.

Shroud and his colleagues, Just9n and Skadoodle, came in third despite their strong performance, thanks to some bad luck as they faced server problems and arrived late to competition. However, the former CS: GO pro’s live broadcast has seen a record of about 200,000 concurrent viewers, making him perhaps the real winner in this competition.

“Ninja” team won the first prize of $8,000 out of the $100,000 allocated to the North American competition, while the rest of the money was distributed to the teams that followed in the standings. Perhaps the most surprising of the tournament was the legendary performance of the rising star “Dizzy”, who had recently signed with NRG eSports to represent them in Apex Legends after proving himself as one of the best players so far with a world record in the number of solo kills of 33 kills, More than half of the players in one match.

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