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Ninjas in Pyjamas are the champions of i-League StarSeries Season 2

NiP came back to the glory with an amazing performance last night at StarSeries i-League Season 2 finals, where they took on G2 Esports and won the first place for the first time in months.

The grand final saw Ninjas in Pyjamas completely decimate their opponents G2 Esports on opening map Cache, completely dominating the whole way ending the map 16-7. G2 came back in the initial stages of Overpass, but NiP regained control and grabbed a lead heading into the second half.  G2 began regaining position and eventually tied up the rounds at 10-10 and built a small round lead. The Ninjas rebounded after being down by two rounds.

Despite server problems and lag, NiP managed to end the competition with the fourth round of double overtime. Giving NiP the series and its first title in more than half a year and a $130.000 in prize money. Congratulations to the winners!

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