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NVIDIA will be organizing India’s first Overwatch tournament

India might not be one of these countries that you hear of on the Esports scene, but NVIDIA sees a potential and an opportunity for the market in there as it will be organizing Overwatch’s first Indian tournament ever since it released.

The announcement is interesting for two reasons. First of , the Indian Esports community is relatively small and far from a stable market. Yet it’s still showing enough signs of growth to convince NVIDIA to make serious investments. The second point is that India’s first-person gaming scene typically focuses on Counter-Strike and Call of Duty. NVIDIA’s push towards Overwatch could be further evidence of the game’s international appeal shaking up the eSports industry.

“eSports have taken the world by storm and India is no exception,” Vamsi Krishna, consumer marketing head of NVIDIA, South Asia said in statement. “The format attracts gamers as they get to showcase their skills, compete with each other, and gain recognition from their peer gaming community. At NVIDIA, we see immense market potential in India and through GeForce Cup, we want Indian gamers to experience the latest eSport games on the best platform. This will also pave the way for them to compete at international competitions.”

The tournament will consist of seven matches from September 23 to October 8th of this year with prizes presented by Dell Alienware, the other partner besides Nvidia.

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