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OGN establishes new eSports arena with PUBG League in the horizon

With the end of 2018 drawing near and as we welcome 2019, it seems we have many promising plans in the field of esports, including the construction of more stadiums for different championships. One of those is the OGN Super Arena set up by the well-known OGN organization



The new arena, which takes place in California, has been launched with a festive event called Supermatch: Alpha in the PUBG game this week. The event has seen a number of esports celebrities as well as Internet stars such as the deadmau5 and the Try Guys competing against each other. There were no financial prizes, and the event was a charity fundraiser.

“With this event, our launch in the United States is official and we are really excited to be able to unveil our new arena and studio for fans here and around the world. We can not wait to see everything else on this journey.”

The new arena will host two interesting events, OGN Supermatch, which will bring “the best contenders for a game,” as well as the National PUBG League, where OGN has acquired rights in a deal with PUBG Corp. to expand in North America. PUBG National League is one of six international leagues to be set up in accordance with the PUBG esports Roadmap of 2019.

The new OGN Arena accommodates 100 players, 400 spectators and covers 35,000 square feet. The arena is designed specifically for the Battle Royale games, so it will be suitable for all types of competitions small and large inevitably.

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