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One of the most requested features is coming soon to Apex Legends

It seems that we are close to getting a much anticipated feature players kept requesting in Apex Legends, according to the new information we have received from EA for next August content update




Despite the lack of information about future game content, regardless of the leaked legends a few months ago, only one sentence from the CEO of Electronic Arts (EA) at a financial meeting with investors was enough to spark online game forums with expectations.

According to Andrew Wilson, EA’s Respawn Entertainment will continue to enrich the content of the game to keep the players interested. “In each season, there are in-game events that are additional drivers of engagement, such as the event coming in the next few weeks that will bring new content and deliver one of the most fan-requested features since the launch of Apex,”

That new event, or feature, may be anything. But many online fans have pointed out that the most sought-after feature since the launch of the game has been a solo mode that allows them to play the game independently from teammates, something the game has lacked since its launch as exclusive to three-man teams.

But what are the other possibilities besides Solo Mode? In fact, one of the well-known miners in the game community said that the major event that will be revealed during August may be an event on the upcoming Crypto character, which we’ve seen some glimpses in the second season trailers. Not only that, but it may also be PvE (real players against the computer).

These expectations have not been confirmed or denied yet by Respawn Entertainment, and we have to wait for some extra time to get the official announcement and see what the development studio will give to players hungry for more content in the popular Battle Royale game.

Respawn has also announced the launch of the biggest ever Apex Legends tournament, which will start on September 13th and will see 80 teams of professionals compete for a $ 500,000 prize.


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