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One popular Fortnite player just got richer by $500,000 at Fall Skirmish

That’s right, Fortnite has become larger than anyone would expect in eSports. Only yesterday, one of its famous players, Tfue, won the title of “Fall Skirmish”, to win he and his colleague “Cloakzy” an award that exceeded $ 500,000 last weekend

The tournament, which took place over the past few weeks, came to an end yesterday with six exciting matches between the world’s best Fortnite: Battle Royale teams. The big prize was awarded to Dennis “Cloak” Lepore and the beloved Turner “Tfue” Tenney, He has been able to surpass both “Ninja” and “Myth” in skill level to prove that he is the best in the world.

The duo of FaZe Clan has performed well in the Fortnite Fall Skirmish Grand Final with the end of the TwitchCon 2018, not only winning the $ 400,000 grand prize but also securing an additional $ 50,000 for Victory Royale in the last game and $ 60,000 for the biggest number of killers, To become the richest players in the tournament so far.

The other teams did not have that easy victory for the FaZe, both Pate1k and Domentos were able to show a strong performance to win the $ 100,000 prize for the Victory Royale in the final. NICKMERCS and Aydan Conrad also performed the usual strength, scoring top 10 in all their matches.

Fortunately for the Tfue and Cloakzy, the tournament was based on the number of Kills that the players scored, which the team excels very well. Throughout the games, they searched for enemies to collect as many lives as possible and to secure their place in front. Competitors in this huge event. Risk they had to take to achieve the $ 500,000 amount.

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