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OpTic Gaming lost the right to be in ESL Pro League

Unfortunately, the bad news does not cease to appear about the current and sudden situation of OpTic Gaming after being eliminated from many tournaments due to changes in the squad.

ESL has already been given the opportunity to present a compelling way to change players’ place of residence so that they can participate in the North American division (formerly selected for the team) despite their European origins, from the sixth season of the ESL Pro League.
However, the organization said today the unfortunate news of the elimination of the team from the sixth season of the tournament because of his failure to provide a convincing report, although he has the time and extend the deadline for an additional period.

For the financial share of the team’s 10 per cent championship awards, they will be deducted and subtracted entirely from the prize, according to the new statement.

ESL officials say the problem was in fact a major incident for them, and they had previously given the team a deadline to hand over the report on Aug. 15 and the deadline was extended until Aug. 17, but failed to provide a convincing excuse despite these extensions. His record has black points in the history of this organization’s tournaments.

OpTic Gaming raised the curiosity of everyone about the major changes to its main squad, but unfortunately he has not yet been able to prove himself and demonstrate the skill of his new members.

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