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Being a group of veteran Gamers, while leading a successful careers as individuals during the past decade, we decided to reunite again and work together on developing the Gaming community in the region, and after adopting competitive videos games officially as an e-sport internationally, and the huge growth of online gaming within the younger generation, making it an essential part of their everyday life, We found that shaping our efforts into developing the Gaming community in the Middle East to welcome this new sport in an organized manner has become a necessity.

Moreover, due to the fast growth of the city of Dubai, and becoming the center of attention for business and events in the region, and the increased interest of gaming developers in this city, we decided to establish e-Sports organizing company in TECOM – Dubai Internet City, in a building located on Sheikh Zayed Road, accessible to everyone.

Our team consists of e-marketing experts, social media specialists, web developers, professional graphics designers, and events planners/organizers.
All of us are veteran Gamers, our mutual passion and ambition is to develop the e-Sports industry in the region, to match the international growth, and to put the Middle East in the ranks of the developed countries, and not far behind as it was till this day.

Muhammad Hamze (Shaka)

The Mind behind the Overlord

Shaka is a professional animator and comic artist, but his true passion is video games, which started when he was 10 years old, when he made his first 8 bit game.

Shaka is a hardcore Quaker, a strong China Infantry General, and a Deceptive Zerg Overmind.

Hussam Alsaidan (Deadly)

The Story so far

have been in every single networks gaming in Damascus and the very first network place was Suhail where my network adventure started. It was Warcraft 1 connecting 2 PCs that operates on DOS, from there it went one network to another. I'm a gaming console collector since Sakhr, MMO gamer WoW had the most of my time, had a lot of fun playing Red Alert all parts, Warcraft 1-2-3 Frozen Throne. Actually all Blizzard products and a loyal fan of it. Dota-HoN-LoL, hearth stone, Loads of Steam/origin games, all Battlefield games, and many more, and yet to come, on 2012 I moved from Syria to Saudi Arabia my home country, which I was amazed to see that much of gaming community here and I'm glad to see that, and hopefully will be able to amaze and entertain the Saudi gaming community soon

Saeed Sharaf (ËLGOLDÈÑ)

Protoss Evangelist

Tekken Fanatic

An information security expert and digital advertising specialist, spend his childhood pocket money playing Gameboy, Sakhr 170, Atari 2600, Sega, NES ect.. His signature move in SC were to unload Protoss weavers from a shuttle near your base and attack your workers while his Archons melting your base.

When it comes to playing Tekken, you may leave your joystick.. sitback relax.. and watch King or Heihachi smashing your hero all over the arena..

Mohamad Mardini (Infinity)

Meet the famous 
Proud regular in many Damascus networks like Virus, GS and Casper Known as  Infiniti since 1997..Early online gamer, since 1998.. Since the early days of Red Alert 1 and Starcraft 1, through Generals, Warcraft 3, and finally World of Warcraft (9 years), DotA 1, DotA 2, and League of Legends. Huge Blizzard fan..Right now, I enjoy casual turns of Hearthstone beta, waiting for any new Blizzard game to launch like Heroes of the Storm. Owns over 150 steam, origin, and other all original games, digitally and physically.