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Overwatch competitive mode now available for PC

The time has finally come to prove yourself against thousands if not millions of Overwatch agents who are ready to kick your rear in Blizzard’s latest Competitive mode. The mode that was removed from the initial release to be reintroduced again based on feedback from the beta phase of the game, which helped make it a lot better.

After many talks about the refined Competitive mode here it is now available for PC players to get their teeth into. When you log in to your Overwatch game you can now find the option at the Play button in the main menu. You can either play solo or with a group to play matches with other similarly skileld players. The option can’t be chosen for anyone below Level 25, which outta leave a lot of unwanted players away for a while.

Before you become eligible to play Competitive you need to finish Placement Matches first. Based on the results, a Skill Level from 1 to 100 will be given to you. The Skill level differs from the original one in being inconsistent as you need to keep winning to get it as high as you want. Four seasons were announced for the competitive scene with two weeks period between each of them and lasting for two and a half month starting this Summer.

Blizzard said Competitive is coming “soon” to PS4 and Xbox One, so stay tuned.

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