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Overwatch esports scene lost one of its best pro players

Goodbyes are always hard but sometimes there’s no escape from them, and today we bid farewell to on of Overwatch top players.


That player is Seagull, whose real name is Brandon Larned, has retired from the world of professional gaming and intends on concentrating instead on his streaming career. The player is best known for his work in the off-tank and high damaging DPS roles with Dallas Fuel.

Seagull’s retirement from the competitive circuit follows Dallas Fuel’s top ten placement in the Overwatch League. Going forward, his streaming career looks promising, as the Birdman already has a large following of more than 75,000 subscribers on his Twitch channel. Dallas Fuel bade the player a fond farewell through a YouTube video showing some of his greatest moments displaying both his in-game talent and on-stage persona.

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