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Overwatch new hero revealed, is an eccentric astrophysicist

After a week full of leaks and gossip, Blizzard finally introduced us to its newest hero to join the roster of Overwatch, called Sigma, or as the “eccentric astrophysicist”


شخصية أوفرواتش جديدة رياضة الكترونية سيغما sigma-talon-overwatch


The new hero, who carries the number 31 of the characters of the game will join its classes very soon, after developers revealed today the story and origins that led to his transformation to this deadly weapon, which will be seen in the matches of Overwatch.

“Introducing Sigma – an eccentric astrophysicist who hopes to unlock the secrets of the universe, unaware that he is being used as a living weapon.” The official tweet of Overwatch’s account on Twitter speaks of the new hero, whom the teaser describes as an old man who has pursued the idea of ​​harnessing the black hole through his scientific career.

The journey ended with a mysterious incident that led Sigma to be transferred to a mental health facility without remembering the full details, as we see him having flashbacks of his past in the form of intermittent memories of him in a shield surrounded by stones floating around him.

Sigma is currently being used for the well-known criminal organization Talon, which we see at the end of the teaser alongside Doomfist, Sombra, Widowmaker and Reaper.

شخصية أوفرواتش جديدة رياضة الكترونية سيغما sigma-talon-overwatch

As for the abilities of the disrupted astronomer, we still do not know much about them yet, but we can speculate some of them. According to the astrophysicist himself, gravity is a harness that he has tamed, so we may see abilities that affect the playing field or imbalancing other characters. The new character is expected to play the role of Tank in the game, adding to the likes of Reinheartd, D.Va, Orisa and more heroes who provide both offensive and defensive capabilities.

We will see Sigma in the game test servers in the next few days as we will have a chance to explore and know his full potential, so stay tuned for more details.

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