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Overwatch newest hero Sigma released on PTR, here’s his full abilities

The new hero Sigma has joined other characters a few hours ago through the PTR servers, and he seems to be one of the hardest new characters to play in the multiplayer shooting game Overwatch


شخصية أوفرواتش جديدة رياضة الكترونية سيغما sigma-talon-overwatch


As we had predicted with the initial reveal of the hero yesterday, Sigma’s abilities are centered around gravitation, absorbing damage through black holes and, of course, shielding from enemy fire, like the rest of his tank counterparts. With the “astrophysicist” available to play in our hands, here are his abilities:


The basic power of Sigma, which you can shoot with the left mouse button (on PC), is two explosive spheres that can be tossed towards the enemy to cause damage of 120. The hyperspheres are medium to short range, and can bounce and explode, resembling a combination of Zenyatta spheres and Junkrat’s grenades.

Experimental Barrier

The second capability, which is activated by the right mouse button is of course the usual shield for Tank characters, but what Sigma owns is a bit different. When you drop the shield button Sigma puts it in a fixed position in front of him, which seems to be a combination between Reinheartd and Orisa’s shields. Sigma can deactivate and re-activate the shield at any moment, and it has 1500 HP and can be recharged when not in use.

Kinetic Grasp

The Shift ability of the new character allows him to throw a black hole in front of him to absorb enemy fire and turn it into a charge for his armor. This ability can not be canceled after placing it, and you need 14 seconds between each use.


The next ability is called Accretion. It allows Sigma to pull stones from the ground and throw them in front of him to knockdown opponents. This ability will benefit from the precision of throwing as well as the distance from which the boulder is thrown, with effect scaling with distance.

Gravitic Flux

The final ability is the new hero’s Ultimate, which is similar in its implementation to Doomfist’s Meteor Strike to some extent. When you use this ability, Sigma is airborne and places a large black hole that shoots enemies into the air and then hits them back to the ground, causing half the enemy’s health. It is somewhat similar to the Reinheartd ult, and we will not be surprised to see some special Combo between the two characters during matches.

You can try the new hero on PTR servers with “No Limits” mode. According to Jeff Kaplan, we can expect to see Sigma in the official competitive games on September 1, meaning that the mad scientist will join the rest of the characters in other official modes sometime in August.

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