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Overwatch Season 3 of Competitive play begins today

After a week-long off-season , it’s finally time for the return of competitive play. Let’s take a look at some of the changes Blizzard has announced before the action kicks off.

The third season of competitive ranked begins today, after a week-long break following the end of season 2. Blizzard has announced a major change will be implemented for season 3, stating that there were more players in gold and platinum than they intended and it created a large disparity and that they will tweak player’s SR.

As a result, we’re testing a different way of determining your starting SR for Season 3 on the PTR. We’re leaning more towards trying to keep things fair rather than giving everyone a fresh start. We’re also going to initially tune your SR to be slightly lower to start. In turn, fewer players should start the season having their Skill Rating drastically drop despite having close to even wins and losses.”

For Blizzards full announcement, click here.

It will be interesting to see if this solves the disparity issue and more equally distributes players among the different skill tiers. We will also get a better idea of how the Sombra patch affected the meta, since we only had a little over a week to play around with it in season 2. Blizzard has announced that the long awaited Symmetra rework will not be available at the start of season 3 however.

It will officially begin at 4 PM PST/7 PM EST/2:00 AM CET, if the servers can hold the traffic.

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