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Overwatch’s Baptiste full guide

Blizzard recently revealed a new hero for Overwatch called Baptiste, even though he’s still in PTR, you can start learn about all of his features and be prepared when he’s launched to the live servers.

and that’s why we bring to you this full guide about the hero.

Baptiste’s Weapon – Medic SMG

Baptiste’s primary weapon is called the Medic SMG. This is a midrange sub-machine gun that fires in three-round bursts. The developers describe this as a very fun weapon that really fits the character.

The Medic SMG also has an extremely powerful secondary fire. Called the Biotic Launcher, firing with the right mouse button chucks out a healing grenade instead.

When the grenade lands, it dishes out splash healing within a certain radius. If your team is grouped up, or if you have someone in need of healing below you, you can fire the grenade and heal everyone that’s within its radius of effect.

The developers have stated that they expect Baptiste to become a primary support character in Overwatch, and is a frequent pick during in-house gameplay tests.

Baptiste’s Abilities

Just like every other hero in the game, Baptiste has access to a number of powerful abilities:

Regenerative Burst

This provides a point-blank heal over time. When you activate it, everyone within a certain radius of Baptiste is healed, as is Baptiste himself.

It takes time for everyone’s health to get topped up, and it’s also a crucial source of self-healing too, as Baptiste cannot be healed by the grenades thrown with his weapon’s secondary fire.

Immortality Field

When this is activated, Baptiste will throw a device which sticks to the ground and then creates a big cyclinder that has high visibility for Baptiste, his teammates and the enemy too.

Any friendly player who sits within the protection of this field cannot be damaged below a certain health threshold, and that floor is very low. You’ll be able to see this threshold clearly in the health bar UI.

Keep in mind that enemy players can actually destroy the Immortality Field by firing at the generator that sits in the middle of it. Once destroyed, the defensive benefits disappear.

The developers have suggested that you might want to use a shield provided by Reinhardt or Orisa in order to prevent the destruction of the Immortality Field.

They also suggest that this ability can be very powerful for handling ultimates such as Junkrat’s RIP-Tire. The Immortality Field will essential nullify its potential to wipe the team out, and the developers believe it should lead to some extremely exciting moments in competitive play.

Exo Boots

If you study Baptiste’s artwork carefully you’ll see that he actually has an exoskeleton. If you hold the Shift button down, you’ll be able to charge up a jump. The longer you keep Shift held down, the bigger the jump will be, although it does have a maximum limit!

This extra ability has been included to ensure that, as a support character, Baptiste has a way of disengaging with the enemy.

Because of the healing grenade’s splash damage, the team also wanted Baptiste to have a way of reaching height quickly and then raining heals onto his team below.

Amplification Matrix – Ultimate

Baptiste’s ultimate ability is called the Amplification Matrix, and functionally it works in much the same way as Mei’s Ice Wall does. You’ll see an outline of the Matrix before it’s placed, allowing you to line it up just so before firing it off.

Once activated, any team damage that passes through the Matrix is massively amplified. It stacks with Orisa and Ana’s ultimates too, along with the damage boost that can be provided by Mercy. It can be a very powerful ability for taking objectives or finishing a teamfight.

The developers recommend placing this wall carefully, ensuring that as many of your team as possible can fire through it into as many enemies as possible!

Baptiste Lore Overview

Here’s the Baptiste Origin trailer that adds a little extra flavour about the new hero’s background:

Baptiste is from Haiti, and became orphaned during the Ominic Crisis which precedes the events in the modern day Overwatch universe. 30 million children were orphaned as a result of the Crisis, and Baptiste was one of them.

As he grew up, he came to join an outfit known as the Caribbean Coalition, and became a high-ranking combat medic. He battled alongside the group’s special forces, and was a primary medic during this period. During his time with the team he learned the skills to become a great soldier and a great teammate.

When the Omnic Crisis came to a close, Baptiste found himself looking for work and ended up in the Talon organisation. At the time of joining Talon, he didn’t realise that they were the bad guys we know them as today. He joined reluctantly, fought with them for a time, but came to realise that they’re ultimately bad people doing bad things.

After coming to this realisation, Baptiste made the decision to split from Talon and go and fight for the greater good ie Overwatch.

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