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PGL Summer Tavern Tales 2016 will heat up the Hearthstone circuit this July

The PGL Tavern Tales will hold its 2016 Summer edition from July 29th-31st, once again sporting a $25,000 prize pool and offering 43 Hearthstone Championship Tour points.

After a successful spring edition in February, which was won by Romanian player Marius “xTracKyStyLe” Nistor, the PGL Tavern Tales crown is ready to be passed on. As before, 32 card-slingers from around the world will travel to PGL’s studios in Bucharest this summer to compete in a three-day LAN event.

The 32 playoff spots will be determined via online qualifiers that will be open t o everyone who wishes to participate.

Prize pool breakdown

  • 1st place: $8,000
  • 2nd place: $4,000
  • 3rd-4th: $2,500 each
  • 5th-8th: $1,000 each
  • 9th-16th: $500 each

HCT points breakdown

  • 1st place: 15 points
  • 2nd place: 10 points
  • 3rd-4th: 5 points each
  • 5 th-8th: 2 points each

The PGL Summer Tavern Tales 2016 playoff will feature a Swiss group stage with a Top 16 cut-off, followed by a single-elimination bracket.

All matches will be played in a Best of 5, four heroes, one ban Conquest format.
The English broadcast of the tournament will be available on

Twitch is the official partner of the PGL Summer Tavern Tales 2016 tournament.Keep an eye on for more information about the tournament, full schedule, talent line-up, qualifier registration dates and more.

Official PGL Summer Tavern Tales 2016 website

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