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Popular streamer “Ninja” breaks Mixer records without going live

After surprising millions around the world by announcing his departure from Twitch, it appears that Tyler “Ninja” Blevins was able to prove his popularity in just one day, without even appearing on the screen for one second


Since yesterday’s news that Ninja has joined Microsoft’s Mixer platform, there has been an unprecedented increase in visitor numbers, and what’s interesting is that Ninja has not even broadcast yet. But the biggest achievement is certainly the number of subscribers to the famous Fortnite personality, which has reached more than 100,000 subscribers.

Those of you who follow Youtube may not think that’s a whole lot, but in the world of live streaming, subscription is not free. Compared with Twitch, a subscription for one month will cost you $5 dollars for one content creator. Speaking of Twitch, most of the big channels dream of reaching 40-50 thousand subscribers, so 100 thousand is a number comparable to what “Ninja” had in his old channel, and will undoubtedly get a larger division based on his Mixer deal, meaning that he will get Hundreds of thousands of dollars per month.

Of course, the current offer which allows a free subscription to new users inevitably contributed in increasing that figure for a limited time to celebrate the advent of Ninja on the platform. Nevertheless, Blevins’s achievement of such a number within a few hours is the biggest evidence of his continuing popularity, especially since he did so without starting his first broadcast yet.

In addition to increasing traffic and subscriber rate, Mixer also ranked first in smartphone applications on App stores, coming from behind to surpass Youtube, Gmail, Instagram and more. This inevitably makes “Ninja” deal a success by any measure, a sign of the tremendous impact of content creators on the digital world.

Tyler will broadcast this evening at 8:00 pm KSA in the presence of a special guest, Kyle “Bugha” Giersdorf, who is the 16th-year-old who won the Fortnite World Cup for the largest individual award in history, The two players are participating in the Friday Fortnite during Lollapalooza Music Festival. We can not wait to see how many other records will be destroyed by “Ninja” tonight!

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