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POWER Puffs scores flawless Overwatch Female Competitive Circuit win

POWER Puffs proved to be an unmatched force by winning the title of Female Competitive Circuit in Overwatch after an outstanding performance


Many people used to think that the field of competitive video games and esports is limited to young males, but that is no longer the case. As various organizations and companies are seeking to increase the female role in this emerging field, we are seeing more and more girls who have proven their skills as important as their male counterparts, and POWER Puffs is the best example today.

The new team, whose players have signed contracts with POWER eSports just a few months ago, has now managed to win their first and most prominent title, winning the Overwatch Female Competitive Circuit on both European and American servers.

The finals put POWER Puffs in front of the Donz eSports team in the European server, which could not score a single point despite trying hard, ending up with POWER scoring two rounds to zero. The American server brought a similar success story to the team, with only a few hours later inflicting defeat to the Thank you, Next team in a great final that ended 3-0 with full control by the POWER players.

The new achievement is added to the career of its female players, which we have talked about before coming from multiple backgrounds in competitive video games. Having a high level professional team such as POWER Puffs will undoubtedly pave the way for more female participants in the Arab esports activities, which have begun to see the adoption of professional players by a number of local organizations.

POWER eSports has recently won the award for the best esports organization in Saudi Arabia last year with the highest rating, followed by Osh-tekk Warriors with close votes in second place and The Evil eSport.


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