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The power rankings of LCS Spring Split 2019 week one

After a long time the LCS Spring split 2019 is return and its look a lot like the last summer during the first week.



during the first week of LCS (League of Legends Championship Series) spring split 2019 Team Liquid is dominating the top of the table, Cloud9 are right there behind them. But teams like Clutch Gaming and TSM can still make things interesting. To figure out where things stand after the first week of play.

And as always we will start the power rankings during the first week of LCS Spring split 2019 from the top:

  • 1- Team Liquid (60 points).
  • 2- Cloud9 (52 points).
  • 3- Clutch Gaming (49 points).
  • 4- TSM (41 points).
  • 5- 100 Thieves (36 points).
  • 6- FlyQuest (31 points).
  • 7- OpTic Gaming (24 points).
  • 8- Echo Fox (16 points).
  • 9- Golden Guardians (15 points).
  • 10- CLG (6 points).

These two teams fought a tense, back-and-forth match in the first game of the year. Liquid emerged victorious via superior team fighting and a draft that had Cloud9 on the back foot from the very beginning. It looks like we’re in for a year of these two heavyweights duking it out for regional superiority.

Still we are in the first week and too early to know who will be the champion of this season.


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