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The power rankings of LCS Spring Split 2019 week seven

We are just two weeks away from the LCS Spring Split 2019 finals, while Team Liquid still the top one in this League.



The LCS hit a rare period of clarity after last weekend. In contrast to the LEC, which is a complete mess, that doesn’t mean the region is perfect. It’s very possible that we have more than one playoff team with a losing record, something that’s always an issue when 60 percent of the league makes playoffs.

And as always we will start the power rankings during the seventh week of LCS Spring split 2019 from the top:

  • 1- Team Liquid (30 points).
  • 2- Cloud9 (27 points).
  • 3- TSM (24 points).
  • 4- Golden Guardians (19 points).
  • 5- FlyQuest (18 points).
  • 6- OpTic Gaming (17 points).
  • 7- CLG (12 points).
  • 8- 100 Thieves (9 points).
  • 9- Clutch Gaming (6 points).
  • 10- Echo Fox (3 points).

Team Liquid aren’t perfect, and Golden Guardians gave them a fight last week. It was good to see top laner Jeong “Impact” Eon-yeong on a split pusher again. He became a world champion split pushing on the likes of Jax, it will be interesting to see if Liquid try to unlock that form of Impact this season.

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