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The power rankings of LCS Spring Split 2019 week two

During the second week of LCS spring split 2019 we really saw how NA likes to play, and by that we mean the real battles between teams.



Pretty much the only team that had a great week was Liquid, and maybe CLG. Other potential contenders like Cloud9, Clutch Gaming, and TSM all stumbled. And Team liquid still the top team in the league table.

And as always we will start the power rankings during the second week of LCS Spring split 2019 from the top:

  • 1- Team Liquid (30 points).
  • 2- Cloud9 (27 points).
  • 3- FlyQuest (23 points).
  • 4- Clutch Gaming (20 points).
  • 5- TSM (20 points).
  • 6- CLG (13 points).
  • 7- Echo Fox (12 points).
  • 8- Optic Gaming (10 points).
  • 9- 100 Thieves (7 points).
  • 10- Golden Guardians (3 points).

Team Liquid keep taking care of business. They’re not the most dominant early-game team, but their seemingly impossible to bring down in the mid and late game. If there’s one thing we can nitpick, it’s for them to focus more on objectives in the early game. And there’s real concern that if they just skate through the region again, they won’t be sufficiently battle tested for international tournaments.

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