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The power rankings of LCS summer split 2019 week two

The LCS summer split 2019 had just started few days ago, and Team Liquid is still in its slumber after MSI 2019.



This has led to a lot of movement in the power rankings this week. We still think Liquid are the best team in the region, but they aren’t playing like it right now. If the malaise continues, it wouldn’t be surprising to see them fail to win the LCS.

And as always we will start the power rankings during the second week of LCS Summer split 2019 from the top:

  • 1- Cloud9 (60 points).
  • 2- Team Liquid (54 points).
  • 3- Golden Guardians (45 points).
  • 4- TSM (42 points).
  • 5- OpTic Gaming (38 points).
  • 6- FlyQuest (31 points).
  • 7- CLG (21 points).
  • 8- Clutch Gaming (19 points).
  • 9- Echo Fox (14 points).
  • 10- 100 Thieves (6 points).

Cloud9 rose to the top of the rankings by winning three straight, but then a loss to Golden Guardians on Sunday left a bad taste in our mouths. Still, with Team Liquid continuing to look apathetic, it was enough to send them to the top of the rankings. It’ll be hard for them to stay there given how chaotic the first two weeks in the LCS have been.

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