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Power Rankings of NA LCS Summer Split 2018 week five

The NA LCS Summer Split 2018 continues to be crazy, and we still wait that one or two teams will start to pull ahead, but we’ve been disappointed all the time.



We still have four teams tied for first, none with convincing records. Just behind them are a bunch of teams in the mid-tier, then behind them teams like OpTic that we left for dead a couple weeks ago.

And as always, we will start the power rankings of NA LCS summer split week five from the bottom:

  • 10- Cloud9 (7 points).
  • 9- OpTic Gaming (8 points).
  • 8- Clutch Gaming (15 points).
  • 7- FlyQuest (26 points).
  • 6- Golden Guardians (28 points).
  • 5- TSM (28 points).
  • 4- CLG (28 points).
  • 3- Echo Fox (42 points).
  • 2- Team Liquid (45 points).
  • 1- 100 Thieves (48 points).

100 Thieves are probably the best team in the league and really should have seven wins. But like all the teams in the region, they’re maddeningly inconsistent, especially outside of top lane.

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