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Pringles are sponsoring this huge Dota 2 tournament

The day-to-day enthusiasm for the upcoming ESL One Hamburg Championship, is rapidly increasing which will put the DOTA 2 pros in a strong stand on the awards.


Stackable snack chips brand Pringles have announced that they will be sponsoring the upcoming ESL One Hamburg competition.

Pringles can be found at the Hamburg Dota 2 tournament with their own gaming area, a presence at the team hotel and public viewing area.

According to a press release, Pringles will have on the ground activations at the Major tier Dota 2 tournament. This is the first sponsorship of a large-scale esports event for the snack brand, which is owned by the Kellog’s company.

Pringles can be found at the Hamburg tournament with their very own gaming area, a presence at the team hotel and small public viewing area. The brand is supported by agency Jung von Matt/SPORTS, who have already brought several non-endemics into esports, such as Vodafone Germany and Dr. Pepper Germany.

ESL One Hamburg will take place in the city’s Barclaycard Arena on October 28-29, and features six teams who qualified from the following regions: North America, South America, Southeast Asia, China, Europe and the Commonwealth of Independent States, plus two direct invite teams.

Pringles joins another major newcomer to esports: Mercedes-Benz. The two sponsors have put even more weight behind ESL One Hamburg

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