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PUBG bans a Twitch streamer for taking advantage of a glitch

If developers of PlayerUnknown’s Battlegrounds catch you breaking the rules, you’re going to get banned, regardless of who you are.

After banning popular streamer Dr. Disrespect last month for team killing, the developers have now banned another big streamer for taking advantage of a glitch.

The streamer in question is Destiny (via Kotaku), and the glitch he took advantage of is something that happens to a lot of players. Basically, sometimes, due to a bug, the game would not render houses and other buildings for a player.

When this happens, the player in question is able to see everyone hiding in every building they pass by. What’s more, they’re able to shoot them – or in Destiny’s case, run them over, without their opponents being able to do anything about it. When this happened to Destiny, he drove through these invisible buildings and got a few kills.

As you can see, this happened on stream. Shortly after, his account was banned, as he jokingly said would happen.

Like the Dr. Disrespect ban, this one too made many in the game’s community very angry. For one, this glitch is common enough that many felt taking advantage of it shouldn’t get you banned. Those against the ban argue that Destiny didn’t actively cause the glitch to happen, so he isn’t at fault.

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