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PUBG beats both CS: GO and League of Legends in numbers

What do you do when the latest video games craze surpasses your own game on Twitch? You try to obtain it as well, of course! Or at least that was the case with Riot Games owner Tencent which tried to buyout PlayerUnknown’s Battlegrounds studio Bluehole, after its game continued to dominate in numbers.

It’s far from being surprising for PUBG to have such records, as it recently managed to beat Counter-Strike: Global Offensive and come second only to Dota 2 with most consecutive players. PUBG had more than 600 thousand people playing last week, and it was now revealed that it also clocked around 16.9 million hours of Twitch beating League of Legends. A report came out that Tencent is trying to buy Bluehole, but the studio denied.

Worth mentioning that PUBG is also getting into Esports with Gamescom 2017 thanks to ESL’s Invitational, which is gathering 80 of the best players and personalities in one ring this month with multiple big brands like TSM and Cloud9 joining the action. Will PUBG dethrone LoL in that space as well soon?

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