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PUBG desert map so disliked it got removed from tournaments? Hundreds of cheat developers caught and more

If there was one thing every PlayerUnknown’s Battlegrounds player agrees on, aside from the need to fix the game, is the hate -or at least dislike- of the Miramar map that was first introduced with 1.0


PUBG’s upcoming IEM Katowice $50,000 tournament organizers have heard that loud and clear, and they’re removing the map from the selection so matches will be played on Erangel only despite earlier plans to include both.

Some have expressed their anger towards the decision, however it does make sense from competitive stand point as the map is often described as unfair thanks to its large empty spaces which makes it very hard to play tactically.

In other news, PUBG Chinese publisher Tencent has revealed that they managed to arrest with the help of local police over 120 cheat developers who sell unauthorized software that ruin the game for many. The crackdown on cheaters comes mere weeks after 1.5 million players were revealed to have been banned by BattleEye.

As for Xbox One release, things are looking smooth with over 3 million copies sold as of yet despite being in preview phase. PS4 release is still in the unknown, so the focus is now put on PC and Xbox One going forward in 2018 because of the exclusivity deal.

Last but not least, PUBG Geforce Cup MENA and Turkey tournament is underway with the first qualifier match taking place January 25. You can check out NVIDIA Middle East on Facebook for more info and updates.

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