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PUBG for PS4 Confirmed? New leak might suggest so

Although no denial or confirmation of a copy under the work for PS4, Bluehole, the company responsible for the famous Battle Royale PlayerUnknown’s Battlegrounds-or PUBG in short- kept its lips shut on the subject for a long time, responding to a number of inquiries with the words “focus is now on the Xbox One version “



The wait may be coming to a close with the Xbox One version released almost a year after the test, noting that Bluehall’s temporary exclusivity deal may not have been as long-term as we expected. Something that might be hinted at by South Korea’s new diversion this time.

The GRAC has added an evaluation of the PUBG version on the PS4 recently. The version has been evaluated for 21 years by “great violence”, real estate use, blood, containment of a number of real weapons and more. These characteristics are not new to PUBG fans, but interesting here is the rating of the game for the PS4 itself and not the evaluation itself.



With for Xbox One owners finally version 1.0 final this week it is opening the way finally to announce a copy of the upcoming PS4 after a long wait, where it is expected to pass by way similar across trials and tests in accordance with the Early Access system is in collaboration with Sony was also up with Microsoft since December last year.

It recalls that the Korean classification site has been the cause of many leaks regarding the upcoming new games or copies and versions of others declared, as a package platform Castlevana Requiem for PS4 containing my game Symphony of the Night and Rondo of the Blood.


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