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PUBG gets some Apex Legends mechanics with update #30 and more

One of the most important new features brought to us by Apex Legends has made its way into another game, after Fortnite had adopted it earlier this year. PlayerUnknown’s Battlegrounds (PUBG) has came with its own modified system with the release of #30 update, as well as many other exciting features

The new update, released today to the test servers of the Steam version of the game, may carry some of the best new additions to the game, specifically in two new systems, “Ping System” and “Ledge Grab”.

The “Ping System”, coming directly from Apex Legends, has been modified here to match the nature of the game and its realistic approach. It will use text messages that the player can send to his teammates without the need for voice communication. If Pinging is new to you, it is simply a set of quick commands that you can choose to alert your team to something without direct communication.

You can use the pinging system by default by holding down the middle mouse button (as with Apex) and then choosing the message you want to send to your team. These messages include signaling location of enemies, requesting ammunition or assistance, and indicating where you want to go. You will also be able to select shortcuts for each of these messages. In default , pressing the middle mouse button once will set a normal indicator while pressing twice will send the enemy visibility alert.

The new “Ledge Grab” system will come with new options for mobility that allow you to grab ledges after jumping, meaning you can move better from one place to another like jumping to rooftops, which will be an absolutely interesting addition to access locations that were not reachable before. Ledge grab system will be launched in two stages, the first stage will allow players to grab a few surfaces in this update while the second stage will allow you to grab more surfaces like fences and other things in a later update.

In addition to these new systems, we have two new additions: the BRDM-2 armored vehicle, which can navigate underwater, and the famous Deagle pistol. You can get the vehicle by using the Flare Gun, replacing the previous armored UAZ, while the Deagle can be found randomly through in-game loot, as with the rest of the normal weapons. It uses .45 ACP ammunition, and does the biggest damage of any other pistol in the game.

Other additions include explodable Gas Cans adding more function to it other than filling vehicles up, the possibility of buying more skins using BP points, which you can now obtain from the completion of Survival Supply challenges, and kill distance indicator.

Several fixes include improved rendering speed of buildings up to 30% to 40% faster and more can be found via the official link for full patch notes. The update is expected to be released for the official version of the game during the next week if testing goes well.


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