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PUBG is enabling crossplay between PS4 and Xbox One soon

Ever since Sony finally agreed on cross-platform play between its console and its rival, Crossplay has become one of the most sought-after features in multiplayer games because of convenience to players who have a number of friends across different platforms. Now, the famous Battle Royale game PlayerUnknown’s Battlegrounds is about to join the list of supported games



The announcement came through PUBG Corp, the developer of the original game, which is available through Steam, PlayStation 4 and Xbox One at Gamescom. Crossplay will be of huge benefits to PS4 and Xbox One players, as it will offer a combined matchmaking pool with huge number of players, which will make waiting for a match definitely faster.

According to Koosung Jeong during an Inside Xbox Live event at the current Gamescom, the team plans to update test servers with crossplay in late September, and after a week of testing, the feature will be available to all players in early October.

Of course, this feature was not the only one that was talked about during the live broadcast, console players will be happy to know that updates for the PS4 and Xbox One will be out more quickly than before starting with the content of the fourth season, which was launched on the PC recently, releasing on August 27 for PS4 and Xbox One. The team intends to deliver updates within two weeks of future PC updates.

The crossplatform play is still new so the current list only includes Fortnite, Dauntless and Rocket League, but with the launch of the new Call of Duty: Modern Warfare soon, more multiplayer games are expected to join the list for a future where all players can play together, no matter what console we do that on.

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