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PUBG listed as a crime in this Asian country for these reasons

News about a country banning the popular battle royale title PlayerUnknown’s Battlegrounds, specifically its PUBG Mobile version, has become a common thing for us to hear, as the number of opponents of the game  keeps rising.


Today’s story comes from the Asian continent, namely Nepal, which yesterday officially banned the game and considered it a criminal activity without any real justification. The move to ban the game comes after the Nepalese Crimes Division received numerous complaints from parents, schools and educational facilities claiming that PlayerUnknown’s Battlegrounds increased the violence of its players.

“We had discussions with psychiatrists before asking permission from the Central Court to ban the game,” said Dhiraj Paratap Singh, a Metropolitan Crisis Division official. “We got complaints from parents and schools because of the game’s impact on the study of their children and making them and when we consulted the psychatrists, they also said that the game makes people more violent in real life.”

Yes, games are making you really violent according to science (of course not.)

The new ban comes from Nepal after its neighbor India did the same in one of its provinces a few days ago for the same reasons, reasons that Tencent seems to have taken into account with news of its work on a way to reduce the addiction of players and allocate certain hours to play daily.

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