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PUBG Mobile is getting $5 million worth of competitions in 2020

With the end of the 2019 PUBG Mobile competition, the PUBG Mobile Club Open (PMCO) Fall Split World Championship, it’s time to talk about what’s next for 2020, which will be bigger than ever.



The PMCO event ended with Bigetron Esports winning the grand prize after earning an impressive 303 points, with a huge difference from second-placed Top Esports of 100 points, while Mega Esports came third. South East Asia’s outstanding winners have scored five out of 16 wins, with a number of top places in the remaining. Top Esports had three wins, while Mega got two.

Although $ 180,000 with an additional $ 25,000 for winning five prize wins is significant, what we will get in 2020 will be the largest amount of PUBG tournaments in its smartphones version, where Tencent announced plans for next year once this year’s competition ended.

The competition will take place in 2020 in a pyramid form that guarantees both professionals and amateurs appropriate challenges for each of them, where campus competitions are located at the bottom of the pyramid, followed by the PMCO and Pro League for professionals and amateurs, and then the Regional Pro League followed by both the World League and World Championship Global.

منافسات ببجي موبايل 2020 رياضات الكترونية PUBG Mobile 2020 competitions tencent pyramid

The Pro League will be held on a regional basis, where it has been announced that both the American continent and Southeast Asia will receive their own professional leagues, with more to be announced later. The World League will be split into two in 2020 in May and October, while registration for the regular PMCO tournament will begin in January.

All these tournaments will share a $ 5 million allocation, meaning that the grand prize for many will not exceed $ 1 million. However, this amount is inevitably huge and one of the biggest prizes for a smartphone game, which is due to prove the growing role of mobile games in the future form of eSports.

PlayerUnknown’s Battlegrounds last tournament of the year with its PC version saw Korea’s Gen.G winning the title after a stunning performance.


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