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PUBG Mobile is getting a new map and mode soon

When it comes to new content, there is no doubt that PUBG Mobile has never disappointed its millions of players on smartphones as content and modes are usually released on regular basis, and we seem to be about to get a whole new map soon



The information came through the Chinese version of the game, Game for Peace, specifically through its beta version, which gets new contents as soon as they’re made available. The new mode has been described as a four-to-four team mode similar to Hardpoint that appeared in CoD: Mobile beta.

The new mode, called Domination offers three zones A, B, and C positioned at different angles of the new map, where a random area is chosen at the start of the game and players are required to take control of that area for 100 seconds, filling the percentage with each passing second.

The selected area lasts for 3 minutes and 40 seconds before moving to another location, and if no team can complete 100% of an area within the specified time, the team with the highest percentage will win. The game in this mode consists of three rounds consisting of fighting over those areas, and the winning team is the one who can get two rounds out of three. You can watch highlights of the new gameplay below:

The new update also brings a whole new weapon to PUBG Mobile, the P-90, which is well known to Counter-Strike players. The new weapon will join the list of SMG machine guns and can store 50 bullets, making it a lethal weapon at close range.

Another new feature coming in the update is the Death Cam, which will allow you to see the last moments of your enemy from the perspective of your enemy and how they managed to eliminate you similar to the original version of the game on PC and home platforms. This feature is one of the most sought-after from players of PUBG Mobile because of its facilities to identify hackers, allowing the player to report them with an evidence.

We do not know how long would it take for the new update to reach the global version w, but these changes may come as a part of the anticipated 0.15.5 patch coming early next month.


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