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PUBG Mobile update 0.15.0 brings rocket launchers, helicopters but only in this mode

PlayerUnknown’s Battlegrounds have always had a wide variety of firearms, but had always been limited to direct confrontation weapons only due to its survival nature. However, what about destructive firearms? We may get the answer soon, with the next PUBG Mobile update

In fact, what if PUBG added both rocket launchers and helicopters at the same time? The answer: A lot of chaos and explosions, which is precisely what we will get in the next update described by developers as directed “to people who like to make things boom”.

The global update of 0.15.0 was unveiled by a new tweet on the game’s Twitter account, which teased us about a new mode called “Payload” that will include both helicopters and rocket launchers, which will be exclusive to the new mode. Luckily, we already know how it may look like thanks to the Chinese version of the game.

According to the online videos of the Chinese beta version, which usually receives updates first (although it has become a different game by itself), the new mode allows players to get rocket launchers from special air supply packages. Not only that, but the new mode gives you the ability to request aerial bombardment on a small area of ​​the map with missiles that cause significant damage similar to the Red Zone.

Returning to rocket launchers and helicopters, it appears that you will also be able to use guided missiles to topple the target, which may make the task of eliminating helicopters relatively easier due to the difficulty of aiming using smart phones.

It is unlikely that we will see these new additions in the classic modes of the game, but it may be due to the reaction of the players towards the new update that would make them available later. In any case, we have to wait for the end of the eighth season of the game and the beginning of the ninth season with update of 0.14.5 first before seeing these additions, where the update of 0.14.5 will be limited to buyable costumes and the new Royale Pass. Update 0.15.0 will have the new content and is expected in October.

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