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PUBG revenue hit nearly $1 Billion in 2018 not counting Mobile version

Although the original Battle Royale is slowly losing the its fame among global players, PlayerUnknown’s Battlegrounds continues to make money even two years after it was released. In fact, 2018 has recorded its best period yet, with revenues almost as high as $1 billion

That’s right, PUBG has been able to generate substantial revenue of $920 million in 2018, according to financial reports from PUBG Corp. responsible for development. Of those revenues, developers received a net profit of $310 million, almost unbelievable for a game that was once a small Indie project from a small Asian studio.

The revenue is largely attributable to the PC platform (via Steam), which generated revenue of $790 million, according to the report. PUBG Mobile, which alone has been downloaded more than the most popular games of our time, Fortnite on all platforms, was not fully accounted since the license belongs to Tencent, which is responsible for the development and publishing, but the revenue that was shared with PUBG Corp. was estimated at $65 million.

PUBG journey was not free of obstacles here and there, especially when entire countries began to ban the game entirely on smartphones such as Nepal, Syria, Iraq and parts of India, criticizing the game as time-consuming addiction and one of the most violent forms of entertainment, according to its opposers .

The PUBG PC version has now been updated to #28 via the Steam platform, with the new update bringing further improvements to the Erangel classic map, some minor fixes here and there, and modifications to sniper weapons damage from 150% to 130% torso multiplier, while overall AWM damage has been reduced from 120 to 105 which means it will not be able to eliminate a player wearing a level 2 vest with one bullet in the torso anymore.


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