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PUBG update #29 continues rebalancing Vikendi and adds new marker system

The new update for PlayerUnknown’s Battlegrounds (PUBG) is now live on Test Servers through Steam, bringing additional improvements to the Vikendi map, improved map markers system and a number of improvements here and there


The biggest focus of the new update is on the map of Vikendi, which PUBG Corp. has promised to improve previously to meet the expectations of players after it failed to attract them at release due to lack of quality loot in most of its locations. The new improvements in #29 complement the improvements made by developers previously, redistributing weaponsacross the map, as well as adding improvements to the blue zone and its speed and distributing vehicles around the map.

To support multiple modes of play in the map, the initial safe zone will be in more diverse areas and the time will be reduced between the blue areas. The number of four-wheelers will increase at the expense of the snowmobiles allowing for more quick movement to accommodate to the faster blue zones.

As for the distribution of weapons, the DMR’s rate was doubled, while SR saw an increase of seven times the rate, and ARs had 1.4x increase as well. These are obviously welcomed changes by players who showed displeasure with the large number of SMG weapons and pistols on the map. Speaking of weapons, it is worth mentioning that the new update has removed both the Win94 and R45 weapons from appearing, as well as adding the MK47 weapon to the loot pool. The “secret” cave, which is no longer secret, has seen a reduction in the level of Loot inside and the Care Package was removed from it.

The other big change in this update is the addition of an improved Marker system that did remind us to some extent of the Apex Legends ping system. Although you can not directly refer to a point inside the game, you will now be able to open the map and select from a list of new indicators (attack, danger , defense, Loot, regroup, vehicle) to communicate with other players indirectly.

Other changes brought to the test servers include the inability to throw bombs through the fence, improving the crosshair of throwables and the Flare Gun, and some improvements to the parachute UI, mini map and players icons.

See the full list of changes, including the bugs fixed here. The new update will be transferred to the main server once its test has been completed through Test Server.

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