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PUBG will finally get its own full fledged Esports League

The ending of 2018 draws near everyday, and alot of organizations started to target the next big year 2019 , and it seems PUBG will be part of big thing coming soon.


PlayerUnknown’s Battlegrounds will be beginning its own large-scale eSports league in 2019. The season will feature nine regions from around the globe battling it out to claim the top spot. November will then see the most successful PUBG eSports outfit crowned the year’s champions.

The PUBG eSports year will see each of the nine regions featuring its own series of tournaments. These will be broken down into pro league structures and pro circuit structures with six regions using the former format and others using the latter.

PUBG eSports will future global event in April 2018 , and then later again in July 2019 , to be followed up in the next month of August with a special “All Stars Games” Event.

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