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Resident Evil 3 is getting the remake treatment with new announcement trailer

It wouldn’t be a fitting celebration of the 20th anniversary of Resident Evil 3 without some sort of announcement, and Capcom delivered swinging: the Remake is finally happening, with the latest graphics seen in recent top quality titles



The official announcement came to confirm several leaks that have taken place during the past few weeks, as the developers officially confirmed the news during Playstation State of Play event to reveal the Resident Evil 3 Remake that we’ve always been waiting for.

The new release follows in the footsteps of the successful Resident Evil 2 Remake released earlier this year. Events are similar to the original PS1 game, as it takes place in Racoon City and puts us in the role of the last survivor of the S.T.A.R.S team Jill Valentine, where she will have to escape from the eroded city where a mysterious virus has spread that made its inhabitants into monsters. Jill must face all dangers, most notably Nemesis, the deadly biological weapon.

The story of the game sees the return of many events and characters that the fans of the series are accustomed to, but it is making a number of new adjustments to expand the experience in a way we have not seen before (such as the hallucinations that Jill will suffer from according to the trailer). Of course, the game looks really amazing thanks to its use of the RE Engine used in several top quality projects, notably Devil May Cry 5 and Resident Evil 2, bringing a photorealistc spin to the classic horror.

Fans of the series will be pleased to know that Resident Evil 3 will not only contain a singleplayer mode, but will also have a Coop multiplayer mode named Resident Evil: Resistance, which was announced earlier this year when we all thought it would offer a separate 4v1 experience.

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Resident Evil 3 release is coming April 3 next year for PC, Xbox One and PlayStation 4 platforms. You can pre-order starting now to get the classic character skins and more. If you are in North America you can also get the Collector’s Edition for $ 179.99, which includes the game, a two-sided printed map, a collector’s artbook, and a ″ 11 figure for Jill Valentine.

Watch the official trailer below:


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