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The results of the fifth day of group stage at World Championship 2019

During the fifth day of Group stage the second phase of this stage is beginning with Group B at the League of Legends World Championship 2019.



The First Match

At the beginning of the fifth day of group stage, FunPlus Phoenix the first LPL seeded destroyed the Vietnam squad GAM Esports with clean match to claim the first win of the day. They was playing so aggressive, run around the map all time and starting the team fights to end this mathc in 28 minutes. This match was from one side, and with this win, FunPlus Phoenix standing in the top of group B right now.

The Second Match

Splyce the LEC third seeded is back today with huge performance against the taiwan squad J Team. We saw amazing performance from Splyce mid laner Marek ‘Humanoid’ Brázda with cassiopeia at the team fight around Baron, they secure this baff to push two lanes in the same time to end this match with clean victory. With this win splyce moved to the Group B top side near the chinese team FunPlus Phoenix with 3-2 records.

The Third Match

GAM Esports came into Worlds 2019 as the Vietnam first seed. Despite being from an emerging region, League fans believed GAM had the potential to advance past the group stage—especially since they were drawn into a relatively weak group with Splyce and J Team. But for unfortuately, GAM Esports will be headed home today after a devastating loss against J team. In reality thier performance was so bad in Group stage and now they stant at the bottom of group B with 1-4 records.

The Fourth Match

Today the European team Splyce surprising their fans with their amazing performance against the chinese team FunPlus Phoenix. They destroyed them to move the top side of Group B with 4-2 records. With this win Splyce have a big chance to advance to the Knockout stage.

The Fifth Match

Splyce have qualified for the knockout stage at Worlds 2019 for the first time in team history after defeating GAM Esports today. Splyce successfully swept through all three of their matches today, taking down each team in Group B. Many people had Splyce advancing out of this group, but they didn’t expect them to possibly top the standings.

The Sixth Match

With the last match of the day, the Chinese squad FunPlus Phoenix defeated the Taiwan squad J Team to secure their spot in the Knockout Stage as the second standing team in the Group B with 4-2 records.

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