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The results of the first day of group stage at World Championship 2019

The real action has started few hours ago with the first day of Group Stage at League of Legends World Championship 2019.



First Match

SKT are coming into this Worlds with something to prove. The three-time world champions fell from the standings after their finals performance in 2017. They then went on to finish fourth in the 2018 LCK Spring Split and seventh in the summer, failing to qualify for Worlds that same year. Now, SKT are on the rise after winning both LCK splits this year. And today SK Telecom T1 dominated Fnatic in the first game of the first day of League of Legends World Championship 2019 group stage. In this match faker was the unkillable demon with tristana and 9-0 score in the mid lane.

Second Match

In this match the Chinese squad Royal Never Give Up defeated the American squad Clutch Gaming.  In this match UZI the best AD Carry in the world was playing Xayah in the bot lane and dominated in reality.

Third Match

The Chinese team Invictus Gaming and the last year world champions defeated ahq eSport Club with huge performance to end the first day with the victory in their pocket.

Fourth match

Team Liquid survive a shaky early game and defeated DAMWON Gaming on the first day of group stage and captured the region’s first win few hours ago.

Fifth Match

Out of all the results on day one of this year’s League of Legends Worlds Championship group stage, J Team’s victory over FunPlus Phoenix was definitely the most unexpected. Not many people had high expectations for J Team, but the LMS representatives were able to surprise most fans and analysts today. Before today’s game, FunPlus Phoenix were the undisputed favorite to come out of Group B. But the LPL’s first seed didn’t look prepared at all as the game played out. FPX constantly made a ton of mistakes throughout the match, and at the end of the day J Team defeated them and secure their first win in the first day of group stage.

Sixth match

With the last match of the first day of group stage, the European team Splyce gave us an amazing match against GAM Esports. They defeated the Vietnam squad with macro play and huge performance.

The group stage will continue tomorrow. While the second day begins with SKT vs. Royal Never Give Up at 7am CT followed by Fnatic vs. Clutch Gaming at 8am CT.

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